Construction Resume'

Pipeline Construction


When it comes to putting pipelines in the ground, our company is second to none.  Whether it be 100 metres or 100 kilometres, we have the manpower, the equipment, the knowledge and most importantly the expertise to get it done... on time and within budget.

Gas Production Facilities


Building gas production facilities has been a mainstay for our company.  Beginning with small singular well sites, multi well pad sites, dehydration systems, separators, compression, produced water tanks, metering and booster stations.

Oil Battery Facilities


Beit a single well or multi well pad site, we have the professional expertise to build your battery.  Setting skid mount units or "from the ground up" on-site construction our knowledgeable working professionals can handle the task.

Oil & Gas Production Plants


Construction of sales gas compression plants, SAGD extraction or cyclic steam oil production facilities are no strangers to our company.  

Fabrication & Testing


With several fabrication facilities located throughout the province, we can build, treat and test piping assemblies.  Coupled with our fleet of heavy haul trucks we not only can build it, but we can deliver it as needed.

Reclamation Services


In today's oil and gas industry; reclamation strategies are as important as production goals.  So when the time comes to reclaim a leases or a facility we have the equipment and know how to help in that endeavour.